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Welcome to the quotes database for Coldfront. If you have any funny quotes you've encountered while on the Coldfront IRC server, feel free to add them. ;)

Please submit only quoted text unless the context is really obscure. If you have to explain the quote, or add an editorial opinion, it is quite likely that the quote does not belong here.

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#913 + ( 121 ) -flag
<syberghost> XBone.
<syberghost> This is the only acceptable abbreviation.
<Luna> bone bone bone bone bone
<DaiMacculate> I dunno I like Xbox Juan
<syberghost> Xbox Juan will play anything once.
<syberghost> It doesn't emulate, it just doesn't judge.
It's time for a new look, I think!
Just a couple of brief reminders as we get the first few dozen quotes in. First, this is for IRC quotes from Coldfront's various IRC channels. It's not for random quotes you happen to think are amusing. Also, please remember to remove any timestamps from the IRC quotes you submit unless they are necessary to the humour in the quote.
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