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* kieron jabs Nika in the eye with a firey poker
* Nikademus sticks a rabid mongbat in kieron's pants.
* kieron removes the k key from Nika's keyboard so he can't type his own name
<Nikademus> Oh yeah? Nikademus = 5.7, kieron=5.1
<Nikademus> TAKE THAT!
<Nikademus> er
<Nikademus> Oh yeah? ikademus = 5.7, ieron=5.1
<Nikademus> TAE THAT!
<Nikademus> give me my ey bac
<kieron> neener
<kieron> neener
<kieron> neener
<kieron> Should've taken the N key. ikademus is a fitting name for you.
* Nikademus thwaps kieron.
* Mark says no thwapping
* Wim moons and then runs to mexico
* kieron melts half an Ex-lax bar and pours it into Nika's coffee
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