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#619 #potbs - Pirates of the Burning Sea+ ( -1 ) -flag
<justsmith> aether it would help if you could change ships in side the port battle room
[21:42] <justsmith> or out fit them
[21:42] <~[FLS]Aether> Couldnt, or could?
[21:42] <justsmith> If they could as right now you can't change ship
[21:42] <~[FLS]Aether> You should join in on the conversation.
[21:42] <kungtotte> [FLS]Aether: I think he wants the ability to switch ships in the ready room
[21:42] <justsmith> so some people end up in a stripped ship cus they just pressed yes
[21:44] <justsmith> It's a nice idea though aether
[21:44] <justsmith> but it would also be nice to be able to change ships in the ready room
[21:44] <~[FLS]Aether> Well Justsmith, here's the way I see it...
[21:44] <GAC> yush
[21:44] <~[FLS]Aether> Let's pretend you are going out on a date. Right?
[21:45] <~[FLS]Aether> A date is when two people really, really like someone, and they decide to hang out with each other for dinner, or perhaps come coffee, or even a walk in the park.
[21:45] <DJ_LoJo> "pretend"
[21:45] <@Clackling> Like what Aether and I are doing at some point.
[21:45] * Dor shushes DJ_LoJo
[21:45] <~[FLS]Aether> In any case, let's pretend you are on one of these "dates"
[21:46] <~[FLS]Aether> So, when you meet up, you find that your date is wearing a different color than you.
[21:46] <~[FLS]Aether> Can you just take off all your clothes and throw on something else? In the middle of a park? No way.
[21:46] <Dor> You just lost me
[21:46] <~[FLS]Aether> And that's why you can't change your ship in battle.
[21:46] <&Xaphod> depends on what kind of date it is
[21:46] * Dor laughs
[21:46] <Dor> Good point!
[21:47] <~[FLS]Aether> Or park, I suppose.
[21:47] <kungtotte> This needs to go in the quote database
[21:47] <&Xaphod> To be fair though, he said 'in the ready room'
[21:47] <justsmith> well how about if you meet your date at her house or at your home?
[21:47] <Dor> ...or on a boat
[21:48] <~[FLS]Aether> Peeping in the window, naked but for your camouflage paint, is not a date sir.
[21:48] <@[FLS]Aeryn> lol
[21:48] <Dor> Not that I would know anything about that
#754 #potbs - Pirates of the Burning Sea+ ( -1 ) -flag
<[FLS]justinian> Dani just smeared bacon lipgloss on my face!
<GAC> you'l catch something
<[FLS]justinian> probably.
#766 + ( -1 ) -flag
* @Sci kisses \
* &\ kisses Sci
* &AdTheRat kisses \
* &\ dies
<&AdTheRat> o_o
<@{> lets not talk about my private life in here sci
* &AdTheRat cries
-ref to pervious times-
#657 + ( 0 ) -flag
<Joudas> anyone able to help me figure out how to use The Godfather program
<LuigiThirty> first you kiss the ring
#720 #potbs - Pirates of the Burning Sea+ ( 0 ) -flag
<@[FLS]Yardarm> hey daeke
<@[FLS]Yardarm> come onto simon's server ^^
<Adythiel> Don't do it! They want to kill you on your last day!
<@[FLS]Yardarm> here lil plucky ducky......
<@[FLS]Daeke> You will NOT sink me before I leave.
<@[FLS]Yardarm> come to butthead
<mikkelsr> I want to play on the dev server!
<@[FLS]Yardarm> you can be in your fancy boat
<kungtotte> I wouldn't. It would be like stealing candy from a kid.
<@[FLS]Daeke> You'll just sink me with a command. It won't be fun. I won't enjoy it.
<Adythiel> Nah, you don't want to play on a dev server. They cheat.
<@[FLS]Daeke> THEY DO
<@[FLS]Daeke> It makes me cry.
#761 #potbs - Pirates of the Burning Sea+ ( 0 ) -flag
<flyingpom> hmm My brother just pmed me in rage
<[FLS]Danicia> He's jealous of your hair, isn't he.
<flyingpom> without a doubt
* [FLS]Danicia cuddles her future husband
* [FLS]Danicia throws a beer at him
* LoJo noms it
* flyingpom proposes to Dani
* flyingpom swishes his long ginger afro out of his eyes and looks signifigantly at Dani
* [FLS]Danicia waits for flyingpom and LoJo to fight it out
* NTRabbit sits on his dark throne, and watches proceedings
* [FLS]Danicia throws on her leia outfit
* LoJo throws down the gauntlet
* flyingpom demands satisfaction!
* flyingpom challenges Lojo to a drinking competition
* [FLS]Danicia cues up the Mortal Combat theme
<[FLS]Danicia> Drinking? Oh noes. We'll be here all day.
<flyingpom> Very well first one to sail from bartica to new orleans wins.
* flyingpom waits for Lojo to leave and in the mean time chains Dani to the throne on his barge and tells the twileks to dance
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